We are committed to providing highest hospitality quality products and service that enrich the lives of our customers and employees, and we do so profitably.
We are passionate about service our people.
Our vision is to be the highest performance in Africa continent. We achieve this by empowering our employees, providing an extraordinary customer experience and delivering positive financials results.
            Core value
We are creative and relentless in our pursuit of bring value and excellent services to our customer while continuous improving our performance.
¤.Integrity: we treat employees, customers and vendors respect and royalty.
¤.Cleanliness: we provide a safe clean environment for our customers.
¤.Recognition; We are  recognized and respected by our services render as leader in Ghana .
¤.Local community; We live here and work here;  we are committed to service our local community with excellence.
About us
Surety to be inspired the fabulous design outfit and facilities  of Diamonds hotel. Our 185 rooms are in laid in stylish storey fashion, creating feeling of luxurious complete  with shopping mall,swimming pool,restaurant  and open air waves cafe-restaurant .
We look forward to come and touch.
Standard deluxe rooms include buffet breakfast, complimentary use of the hotel leisure facilities, protocol service  with tea & coffee and most guest services.
Our luxurious officials suites come with 24hours tea & coffee service, full buffet breakfast and use of highly  protocol demand service.
☆. cinema hall
☆.Spa with sauna
☆.fitness  centre with latest equipments and program.


☆.5 Star hotel
☆.Hospitality services

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